First Time Setup

MPC Autofill makes things very easy, but requires some time investment to set it up for the first time. Luckily this only has to happen once and every subsequent order can skip this page entirely.

You need a MPC account beforehand, if you don't have one you will need to visit and sign in with either Google or Facebook.

It is generally not recommended to create an account for Chinese companies due to password-security reasons however in our case we HAVE to ensure the newly created account has a password.

Later on we will be using an Automated Chrome Browser and Google does NOT allow OAuth log-ins for such browsers (to stop malicious code from getting into your accounts). So next we will ensure we can login using username and password (even though it is less secure).

Once an account has been made you need to modify it so that you can login with a username and password. Go to your MPC account profile page and change the password.

Make sure you have never used this password before and will never use it again on any other site - I would not trust a Chinese site with a thumbtack let alone my password. Doing this will not stop you from using Google or Facebook to login (and you should always login with those where possible).

Logout and then try to login using the username and password combo. You MUST be able to login with a username and password combo in order to work with mpc-autofill.

Once you have a username&password MPC account, start by downloading autofill.exe from GitHub.

In Chrome, go to Menu > Help > About Google Chrome

Record your Chrome Version. You only need the first 2 numbers before the dot: in the case below that would be 84.

Now Download the ChromeDriver for your version of Chrome.

Put both the ChromeDriver ZIP file and the autofill.exe file into a new folder, then extract the ChromeDriver ZIP file.