Run Autofill

Once the cards.xml file is in place we need to unblock autofill.exe. Right-click on autofill.exe and go to properties.

At the bottom check the Unblock checkbox, then click OK.

Prepare your eyeballs for some magic. Once you double click to open up the autofill.exe app two windows will appear.

The first is a Windows Security Alert saying that autofill.exe is trying to access the internet. Click Allow access to ensure the program can download and use the internet as intended.

The second is a new Chrome browser window that will be under the control of autofill.exe. Do not hover your cursor over the window while it is uploading and positioning images as this will cause some cards to be misplaced. All you need to do is watch it as all of the work is done for you (or go do something else while you wait).

Once finished there is still some things to do. First and foremost go back to the "Customize Front" section:

Once on the page click the Save button at the top. A pop-up modal will show allowing you to log-in. Note that you will NOT be able to login via Google in this browser.

Once logged in check for any missing images on the cards. This happens if you hover over the chrome window while autofill.exe is working. The missing images are easy to spot and look like this: