Create Card List

You need a card list for two main reasons:

  1. To find out exactly how many cards you need.
  2. To make getting the images much easier.

To make life easy I provided a Card Proxy Spreadsheet available for download. You can of course make your own if you so desire as well, this is what it looks like:

Start filling out the cards you want into the corresponding column, this should be pretty straight forward:

Create a sum formula at the bottom of each column. Then collate all of those totals into a Total cell.

Once done you now have the total number of cards you need and cards that you want. Now go to the MPC site:

Check the "Size of deck" dropdown (you may need to wait a while for the site to load the price list first). Find the number that's higher than your total number cards.

It will not match up perfectly, so think about which extra cards you want to fill in the remainder. Promo cards like the GodZilla cards, or high-use cards like Lightning Bolt or any Dual Lands are normally great choices. Keep going until you have a total number of cards equal to the Size of Deck number.