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Go to and sign in with either Google or Facebook. It is generally not recommended to create an account for Chinese companies, keep your passwords safe by logging in with Facebook or Google.

Go to, wait for the price list to finish loading.

Select "(S33) Superior Smooth" for the Card Stock then select the correct amount of cards in your deck.
"(S30) Standard Smooth" can be used if you need to save money but the quality will suffer accordingly. Sometimes it's noticable sometimes it is not, the recommendation is to stick to (S33) Superior Smooth.

For Packaging select "Plain White Tuck Box" then click "start your design".

After the page finishes loading select the blue "Different images" button on the left.

Wait for the page to load again, then on the side click the red button "Upload images".

Go to your first card folder with images and upload the entire folder. Watch some youtube or kill some time while it uploads.

Drag and drop your card images from the right side onto each card location on the left side. Add the desired number of each card, your card list comes in handy here for referencing.

Do this for each folder of images you have. Once you have finished adding all of your images click the blue "Next Step" button.

Skip Step 2 by clicking on the blue "Next Step" button again.

For Step 3 it will depend on what exactly you want on the back of the card. For custom art click the blue "Same Image". For tokens and land cards on the back select the blue "Different Images" again."

Upload just like before then click the blue "Next Step" button.

Skip Step 4 by clicking on the blue "Next Step" button again.

Confirm everything looks good, if there is any issues go back to the page you need by clicking the text under the circle-ticks in the top right.

Click the checkbox at the bottom and then click "Add to Cart".

Confirm all the details of the order are correct and then click "Go to Checkout".

If you don't change anything on this screen and you haven't selected the tuck-box option you will get an annoying pop-up, dismiss it and continue on.

Fill in the billing information.

When filling in the shipping information go from the bottom upwards, that is, start with Email and continue upwards, completing Country/Region last. Doing it this way will avoid the site needing to re-calculate shipping every time you fill in a field.

Look over the details one last time. Select PayPal (don't enter your Credit Card information on a Chinese site) and click Submit Order.