Edit Images

Once you have all of your images it's time to decide if you want to keep or remove the proxy card information on some of the cards.

The proxy text is only needed to stop people from buying it because they think the card is genuine. All cards are using a custom back (which is required when printing with MPC anyway) so absolutely no one is going to buy these under the impression that they are real. Therefore no proxy text is needed.

Likely you will have a mix of cards that contain proxy information and cards that do not. For some having mis-matched cards is a problem. For others it may not be an issue, in which case skip to the next step.

To remove the proxy text from Chilli_Axe/hathwellcrisping/proxycommander's cards move the bottom text up and fill in the remaining space with black.

Editing the images is quite easy and can be done by almost any image editing software. Do note that re-saving the image will increase the size of the image file depending on the program used.