All of the google drives listed on this site come from community members doing the lord's work. I couldn't create images to save my life, thus all contributor's are valued highly by myself and I want to highlight their work appropriately.

If your drive is listed in the Google Drives page then that google drive has been indexed and the cards are searchable via Image Fetcher.

If you wish to be removed from the site message me on Reddit or in Discord.

Image Fetcher - Correct Drive Format

There are 2 things that need to be taken into account when submitting your drive:

Prefixing a folder with a ! is a great way to keep your Average DPI high while keeping all your proxy files together (fonts, templates etc).

Image Fetcher started out with the sole purpose of indexing berndt_toast83's google drive back in early 2020, thus their drive was used as the basis for everything. As there is only folders in their root directory, no image crawling was necessary in the root.

If you have images in the root directory the easiest fix is to create a new folder and put everything inside that folder. The following images will hopefully clear any confusion:

Incorrect format, these 4 images will not be indexed

Correct format, all images contained within the folders will be indexed accordingly.

Image Fetcher - Inner Workings

Image Fetcher crawls each drive in a specific manner. It first does a recursive folder search on all folders in the drive and builds a list of them. Then once the folder search is completed it switches to crawling the images. It will process the images folder by folder and will retain metadata about the file (file size, file name, date modified etc.). Image fetcher will make and store a thumbnail for each image that it indexes.